Items to donate

Items we can’t re-home

Due to safety regulations and storage issues, we cannot accept and re-home the following items:

What items can I donate?

Our quality standard is “would I be delighted to receive this for  my child?” 


Items that are worn-out, broken, stained or damaged may be discarded.


We value every donation but sometimes we cannot re-home some items for a variety of reasons.  When we cannot re-home an item we may on-donate to another children’s charity or selected Op Shops who support similar work. Sometimes we may sell items that we cannot use at fairs or market days in which case all funds raised are used for  local families in need. Please let us know if you do not wish items that you donate to be on-donated or used for We Care fundraising when they cannot be re-homed by us.

We greatly appreciate St Kilda Mums for their assistance,  input and at times wording in preparing many of the details in this listing. So many thanks.